Together a Strong Network

Every tissue bank in Germany, whether an eye bank, or heart valve bank, may cooperate with the DGFG on a contractual basis. Tissue processing is highly complex, regulated by numerous legislative processes. The donated tissues are processed, tested and stored in tissue banks. The DGFG has the opportunity to allocate tissue grafts on the basis of a central database. The network for tissue donations goes beyond the regional borders for tissue banks and is therefore the ideal place to cooperate with. The local identity and traditional historical structures of our partners remain intact. In our network, tissue banks can safely plan to meet any increased requirements from the transplantation centers with quality and flexibility.

tissue processing cornea

The DGFG supports tissue banks in planning the implementation and compliance with statutory regulations and the establishment of a quality management system. The partners benefit from our many years of experience, join research projects, and have uniform SOPs.

Subcontract – Processing on Behalf of the DGFG

Clinics that wish to operate their own tissue banks and have a permit for it in accordance with §20c German Drug Law (AMG) can operate with the DGFG on a sub-contractual basis. This tissue bank is responsible for all official permits itself. It uses its own staff and its own facilities. If required, the DGFG builds a donation program locally and brings the necessary SOPs into the cooperation. We will happily advise clinics on the legal and technical issues of processing.

Cooperation as a Tissue Bank Location for the DGFG

Hospitals with an established tissue bank can be run with the standards and security of a DGFG tissue bank. It remains as a tissue bank in the local area. The DGFG handles all authorizations and permissions. We will refund the bank, depending on the contract, all expenses for the premises, material resources and personnel. The organization of the tissue donation and the establishment or the reactivation of a donation program are usually made by the DGFG. Coordinators from the DGFG are active locally as contacts. Tissue donations will primarily be processed in the cooperating bank.

Development of a Regional Tissue Bank

A common tissue bank can be optimally integrated into the growing regional structures. Several shareholders participate with a share in the company’s tissue bank. They build the joint non-profit tissue bank together with the DGFG in a particular region. The legal form of the bank is a non-profit GmbH. The company appoints one or more managers and creates an advisory board, which advises the company and management on legal and technical matters. The shareholders make all the decisions together. Across the corresponding region, we organize tissue donations and build a functioning donation program. The DGFG provides all SOPs for tissue processing and takes care of all permits.

Advantages of cooperation of tissue banks with the DGFG

  • Joint quality mangement
  • Proven and standardized SOPs
  • Support and preparation of internal and external audits
  • Guidance and support in the approval process by the German Drug Law (AMG)
  • Allocation of tissue preparations via the allocation system of the DGFG
  • Securing donation programs
  • Joint scientific projects
  • Sharing human and technical resources