Predictable Operations

The DGFG allocation department offers service in tissue transplantation. Doctors want their patients to have a short waiting time for a transplant. Hospitals appreciate planning and supply security. Tissue banks want quickly distribution for quality grafts. Therefore the allocation and provision of tissue grafts is one of the core tasks of the DGFG.

Service for Transplantation Centers

A central allocation office for tissue transplants as well as a nationwide waiting list, such as exists for organ transplants, does not exist in Germany for tissue transplants. The legislature did not desire to have one. However, each inpatient or outpatient transplant center can register their patients for a transplant with the DGFG. Registration is not binding and is free. Many centers use the allocation offered by the DGFG because the waiting times are often shorter and the operations are planned out. If a matching transplant exists in the network, then all relevant information about it will be sent. Only after this will the attending physician make the decision as to whether the transplant is suitable for the patient. The transplant will then be reserved for this patient and an operation will be scheduled.

DGFG Service for tissue transplantation: Allocation service - Predictable operations for doctor and patient - Flexible and reliable delivery of the graft!The basis for the allocation is the database in which all tissue banks in the network of the DGFG register their current available transplants. In the future all tissue donation, processing, and arranging will be completely managed through an electronic database. Doctors are no longer wasting their time to request several tissue banks. We offer comprehensive service assistance with patient registration. The database also allows for the clinic’s own waiting lists. The personnel at the central office are there to advise you!

For scheduled heart valve and blood vessel grafts transplants, the notification and waiting period is subject to availability, with the specific requirements being the size and the urgency. Here we work intensively with all the parties with a stake in the operation.

Service for Tissue Banks

The DGFG provides all tissue banks with the opportunity to allocate their transplants for use through our nationwide network. Valuable donor tissue that is in only demand due to fluctuations or time constraints will no longer be wasted. The tissue grafts are done nationwide according to predefined distribution criteria. Depending of the cooperation mode the DGFG reimburses the tissue bank for the expenses of donation and prcessing. The expenses for allocation, the database and the transport are also taken care of by the DGFG. Each tissue bank retains an independent decision making process. The banks can continue to meet the needs of their own transplant programe.

Our nationwide, well-developed network ensures that corneas and heart valves make it from the tissue banks to transplant centers without a loss of time. Through our nationwide inventory database, the staff of our network has a good oversight of all available transplants. In emergency situations our staff can quickly respond with appropriate grafts. Networking increases the chances that patients will get a matching transplant quickly.

As the largest network of tissue medicine in Germany, we are the link between tissue banks and transplant centers. It is our unique network structure in Germany that makes it possible, that almost every second cornea that is transplanted in Germany is allocated by us.

Advantages of the Central Allocation System

  • Shortening the waiting time
  • Increasing the availability of transplants
  • Predictable operations for doctors and patients
  • Flexible and reliable delivery of the graft
  • Tissue grafts are not lost
  • Doctors must only inquire through one location