A Non-Profit Company of Tissue Medicine

The German Society for Tissue Transplantation was founded in 2007 as a non-profit company. It is an independent company within the legal form of a non-profit GmbH. We organize tissue donation, operate and work with tissue banks, and provide tissue for transplantation. The DGFG is the only tissue institution in Germany, which is able to organize tissue donations throughout the entire country.

Structure organigram DGFGWe are the successor to the non-profit Society of Tissue Transplantation (DSO-G), a subsidiary of the German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO). The DSO’s subsidiary was charged with coordinating the tissue donation in Germany in 1997. After the Tissue Act came into effect in 2007, there was a complete separation, both legally and in location, between the DSO and the DGFG. Since then we have been supported by the Hanover Medical School, the University Hospital of Leipzig, and the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden. In 2015, the University Medical Department Rostock joined our team as another partner.

The DGFG has developed a tissue network of German hospitals and tissue banks, operating exclusively in the field of non-commercial tissue donation. In Germany we provide 120 transplant programs for corneas, 35 clinics for heart valves and blood vessels, and about 40 facilities for amniotic membranes. Our coordinators are at many hospitals, both university and other types, and are available for contact for any questions. Alone in 2015, over 4,300 patients have had tissue transplants from the network of the DGFG.

We are now the largest network of tissue medicine in Germany. The DGFG has more than fifteen years of experience in the organization of tissue donation and the allocation of tissue transplants. As a non-profit company, we look forward to cooperating with more hospitals, tissue banks, and transplantation organizations. We would like to grow further to provide even better patient care in all regions.

As a non-profit company, we see our tasks as

  • supporting tissue donation nationwide around the clock
  • overseeing tissue preparation professionally in tissue banks
  • organizing the distribution of tissue transplants
  • supporting research for better patient care

The company has been based in the capital of Lower Saxony, Hanover, since 2005. We are located in the Medical Park in the immediate vicinity of Hanover Medical School, where we have fifteen employees operating between the management and with tissue allocation. More than thirty tissue donation coordinators are operating in seven regions across Germany from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania down to Bavaria.

The DGFG works exclusively and directly towards charitable purposes. As a non-profit organization we use all monetary surpluses, in accordance with our status, exclusively to promote tissue medicine. Our shareholders receive no dividends or other benefits from the resources of the DGFG.