Working Together for Better Patient Care

Our principles – our mission! Tissue donation is a task that requires the cooperation of the individual, state and society. Tissue donations do not fall from the sky. The DGFG organizes tissue donations only through the will and generosity of the donors – working towards better patient care. We help patients a thousand times each year. Tissue donation is purely voluntary. It is a gift of life, a selfless donation. Therefore, it belongs in a non-commercial organization, without private interests. We rely on voluntary and transparent collaboration with our partners in the health sector. Germany could meet the needs of tissue donations completely through national donation programs. This is the goal of our work. We rely on the benevolence of the donor and the unconditional prohibition of trade in tissue preparation.

Our Principles are:



We are grateful to the donors and their families on behalf of the transplant recipients, in that they allow these tissue donations to happen and make the decision together. We thank all those who work in the hospitals every day to help meet the wishes of the deceased, in giving these tissue donations. Tissue donation is hope, generosity, a reduction of suffering, and a way to save lives.


We have a great responsibility towards the deceased, their families and the recipients. Donors and recipients trust us. We strive to undertake every tissue  donation in the best possible way and to prepare for the transplant. No cornea, heart valve, or blood vessel may be lost.

The respectful handling of the deceased is first in the minds of our employees. After a tissue donation, the deceased’s body is externally fully intact and dignified, and prepared for the funeral. A graceful farewell to the deceased is in no way delayed or disrupted. We develop our technical and social skills continuously.

People have different attitudes towards tissue donation, there is no right or wrong attitude! We therefore accept any decision, be it for or against tissue donation.


The transmission of diseases and infections caused by a transplant must be prevented. Therefore our employees strictly examine every tissue donation possible for exclusion criteria. We accept responsibility for the donor selection. We guarantee microbiological and virological investigations on all tissue.


Thousands of patients need a tissue transplant each year. We guarantee the equal opportunities of all the patients listed in our database. We also take into account emergency situations, including the special requirements of such transplants.


Tissue donations rely on trust. Credibility, information and open communication are the pillars of a successful partnership. We support and advise potential tissue donors and family members openly about the nature and extent of tissue donation. We regularly and openly inform you on the development of our company as well as the operating results.


We take responsibility for the results of our actions. Our board of management analyzes errors and works to avoid them in the future. We invest in the further training of our employees. We promote the potential of each individual.


Offering transplant services means planning for security and liability. We listen to the needs and requests of the transplant physicians. We maintain a direct line with our network partners.


We look for new solutions and see change as an opportunity. Research is the engine that drives future developments. We are fully open to technological and medical progress, and strive for this.